Brookside Expo

We are very keen on helping people to help themselves and believe an annual Brookside Expo would be an excellent way of helping local entrepreneurs access support, help local businesses engage with each other and local customers and give local businesses an opportunity to promote their products and services in the local area.  Above all it would show that Brookside is open for business and investment.

There are lots of local sole traders in Brookside and the local area that would benefit from talking to each other and local residents.  We hope that a Brookside Expo would inspire local people to help themselves and give the council and support services an opportunity to help them help themselves.

We envisage businesses in the local area that provide services in the local area to come along to the Brookside Expo for the opportunity to promote themselves.  If they are recruiting they could bring details of those vacancies to the Expo and maybe even hold interviews on the same day!  Support services such as the Job Centre, TCAT, the Business Development Centre, Health & Safety Executive, HMRC, Trading Standards, etc. would ply an important part in the Expo.  Some of the big employers in the borough might come along looking for apprentices or use the Expo as a recruitment day.  Voluntary groups such as BIG, Big Local, Brookside Xtra, STROWP, Friends of Telford Town Park, etc. would also benefit from access to residents, local businesses and services.

The seven key themes we envisage for an expo are:

  1. Promote local business
  2. Support existing businesses
  3. Encourage new businesses
  4. Publicise job vacancies
  5. Education opportunities
  6. Voluntary sector
  7. Council communication