Brookside Green Spaces

Brookside is a densely populated housing estate, built on the now discredited Radburn model.  We are, however, lucky enough to have a number of important green spaces in amongst the housing.

These green spaces need to be protected so we would seek formal recognition of these green spaces as village greens or fields in trust to ensure they can’t be built on.  The field behind Windmill School is currently zoned for housing in Telford & Wrekin’s local development plan and the green by the school gates is due to be eaten into for additional parking  as part of the regeneration of the estate.  Whilst there are compelling reasons for extending the car park (the safety of children attending the school) there is no such justification for building on the field which is too close to the school, has poor access and would mean the loss of an important local amenity.

The green space alongside the long path between Burford and Burtondale is also an important green “buffer” between two very densely populated areas with no road access, not to mention being the emergency access route for houses on either side of it.  We would also seek to protect this green space along with the hollow between Blakemore and Bishopdale.