Dangerous driving and motorbikes

Brookside Avenue is a 30mph road for a good reason – there are over 1,700 homes inside the perimeter road and hundreds more around the outside.  However, a significant number of people seem to think it is acceptable to race around the estate with complete disregard to the safety of residents and other drivers.

The speed cushions on Brookside Avenue are next to useless.  They rarely slow people down but they do encourage people to drive in the middle of the road to avoid driving over them which is often more dangerous than driving too fast.  We would have these speed cushions removed and replaced with other traffic calming measures such as pinch points and changed rights of way coupled with more effective enforcement of dangerous driving.

Another common problem in Brookside is the use of mini-motos and other unlicensed motorbikes on road and footpaths.  These bikes are uninsured and don’t have to be checked to ensure they are safe to be on the road.  Needless to say, riding a motorbike on a pavement isn’t really safe at any time.  It is difficult for the police to catch people riding illegal motorbikes or riding legal motorbikes illegally so we would trial motorbike “track days” at the BMX park between Brookside and Stirchley where owners of these bikes can ride them off the road in a safe and controlled environment without breaking the law to see if this reduces incidents.