Local Jobs in Brookside

Brookside is one of the most deprived parts of the borough with high unemployment and low social mobility.  To tackle this we need to create local employment opportunities and provide support for local sole traders and small businesses.

We believe that every local centre in the borough should have facilities to support local enterprise and in Brookside that would be best provided by a local business development centre offering similar facilities to the Business Development Centre in Stafford Park but on a smaller scale.  Brookside is the ideal location for such a facility being at the centre of the south Telford area and close to the industrial estates at Tweedale and Halesfield.

Employability increases with education and to that end we would increase the focus on education in Brookside, particularly amongst younger people who often see no future for themselves beyond leaving school and having children as soon as possible.

We have an enormous amount of talent in Brookside and we want to make sure it isn’t wasted.