Dawley Town Hall

For many years Dawley Town Hall was occupied by Telford Stage School who, under the terms of their tenancy agreement, were required to pay rent for their use of the building and were responsible for maintaining and repairing the building.

UKIP Telford & Wrekin Chairman, Denis Allen (a borough councillor at the time), carried out an investigation into why no rent had been paid on Dawley Town Hall for many years and discovered a typed post-it note attached to the file instructing officers not to collect the rent.  A significant amount of taxpayers’ money has been spent – and is still being spent – carrying out repairs to Dawley Town Hall since Telford Stage School left as they failed to maintain the building adequately.

Telford & Wrekin Council have yet to carry out a full investigation into what we believe to be fraudulent misuse of taxpayers’ money and the police have been less than forthcoming to act on the evidence provided to them.  We want to know who was responsible for dishonestly instructing officers not to collect rent on Dawley Town Hall or enforce the terms of the tenancy agreement and once the investigation is completed, we want those responsible prosecuted and the back rent collected.  Dawley Town Hall is there for the benefit of Dawley people, they have a right to know who took their community building away from them and gave it to a private company free of charge so they could use it to make money.

We would like to see Dawley Town Hall used for more events such as cinema nights, showcasing local bands, pantomimes, etc. and believe that a tie-up with The Place (Oakengates Theatre) would help both venues prosper.