Phoenix School

The planned new Phoenix School is good news for Dawley but fronting the school onto the road without providing car parking or drop-off points for parents is going to cause mayhem.

For an example of just how much mayhem is likely to be caused, you need only look at Madeley Academy which is also sited on a busy main road and has nowhere for parents dropping off their children to stop.  It is reasonable to assume that most primary school children will live within walking distance of their school but the traditional catchment area for secondary schools is much larger and a significant number of secondary school children don’t live within walking distance of their school.

Every new school built in the borough, including the Phoenix School, must have a safe place for parents to drop off their children.  If the plans for the Phoenix School can’t be changed to include a safe drop-off point before the building is finished then we will press for such a facility to be built as soon as possible after the school opens.